Our Hitchcock extra wide work boots and shoes are made on our own wide width work boot lasts in EEE, 5E, 6E and 8E widths. Many of our styles go up to sizes 15 and we even have extra wide toe box work boots and wide steel toe shoes as well as wide safety shoes. All our men's wide work boots and wide work shoes are made on lasts developed especially for this type of footwear. The wide width work boots on our “oblique toe” last follow the shape of your foot for extra comfort. We also carry a selection of men’s 4E and 6E extra wide work boots and shoes from well-known brands such as Hoss, Dunham and more. You can find size 14 and 15 work boots and also extra wide steel toe boots (safety) in EEEE and 6E widths. Hitchcock has the most complete selection of extra wide work boots up to 8E widths and the widest work boots and shoes available anywhere!