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Hitchcock Shoes is one of the very few companies that can offer men’s 8E (8e) wide shoes. What does that really mean, and how do 8E (8e) shoes compare to WW width in shoes? Some companies use terms such as “extra wide” or “big wide” to describe their shoes, but we don’t think this is either helpful or accurate. There are established metrics to determine length and width in shoes, primarily the girth around the ball joint (the widest part of the foot) and the distance from heel to ball joint. So instead of “W,” “XW” or some other ambiguous term, we grade the width of our shoes from 3E (eee) to 8E (8e). Our Hitchcock 8E wide shoes fit much wider than conventional wide width shoes you may find elsewhere, and they are graded precisely to give the widest feet the fit they need.

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