1. Which shoe last is right for me?
  2. What size is right for me?
  3. I have never purchased shoes from you. How do I know what size to order? What information do you need to help fit me?
  4. I am an old customer but I haven't ordered in a while. Why would I provide new fitting information?
Which shoe last is right for me?

"Lasts" are the foot-shaped forms over which shoes are made. Among our men's shoes, the Windsor last is excellent for feet with long, straight toes. Madison and Kent have extra fullness across the front for high-instep feet. Mohawk is a special moccasin last. Kent XD and Kentfield have extra depth in the toe, as does New Balance's SL-2 and SL-3 lasts and Aetrex's and Drew's orthopedic lasts. Most other lasts are substantially the same except for toe shape. You should feel free to order whatever styles appeal to you, and you may discover one or more favorite lasts in the process.

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What size is right for me?

Many people think that all we need is a foot tracing to determine size. But shoe fitting is more complicated than that. Your foot is three dimensional and your shoe size is, too. Your size takes into account both the length of your foot and the girth, especially at the ball joint. Many first-time customers, who come to us because the shoes they have been wearing are too narrow for them, think all they have to do is move up to a wider width. But the grading of shoes is such that when you go up one width, you not only add more girth, you also gain up to a quarter inch more length as well. Thus, a 10 3E is both a wider and a longer shoe than a 10 D or E. So, if you are unsure of your size when you order from us, answer all the fitting questions on our order form.

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I am a previous customer but I haven't ordered in a while. Should I provide new fitting information?

People often don't realize that even as a grown adult, your feet may change over time (just as the rest of you can) and size/width adjustments may be necessary when purchasing new shoes. If you are at all unsure of your current size, please do give us updated fitting information.

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